Evolving towards a more sustainable future

Beissier's commitment to the environment is one of its strategic pillars. We include sustainable development criteria in our decision-making processes, consolidating the responsible business model we have adopted in recent years.

A 360º model that starts within the organization, promoting a responsible attitude among our professionals, through environmental education and training.

In the purchase process, we work with suppliers who share our vision and values, ensuring that in addition to the quality of their services, they act in the same line of responsibility.

In the manufacturing process, we are constantly working both to find new formulas that improve the composition of our products and to develop new products, with innovative, recycled, and more sustainable raw materials, developed to reduce energy consumption.

Below we present the transformation of processes we are carrying out in our facilities, consisting of factory, warehouse, and offices, and the challenges we have set ourselves for the near future:


1. A pneumatic audit to minimise energy consumption and losses.

2. A new fleet of sustainable vehicles.

3. Heating - Radiant Tube System

4. New wrapping machines - 30% savings on plastics

5. Waste Management - Recover of 30%

6. Lighting - Savings of Approximately 75%

7. Pallet Re-use - 4,000/year

8. Forklift Trucks with Lithium Batteries

9. Waste water treatment system - 100% of waste water

10. Factory and Offices Heat Insulation

ISO standards: Quality, Safety, and Environment

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