Aguaplast, world better than new.


Our responsibility and respect for the environment is a constant and is reflective of our every-day attitude which embodies every gesture, every step forward or the creation of new formulations, it is the “Way of doing” at Beissier

Some such tangible examples are today present in AGUAPLAST painter fillers.

  • Recycled and 100% recyclable packaging


    Every AGUAPLAST package is made out with raw materials of controlled origin. Plastic, cardboard and paper packs are made of recycled material and are themselves 100% recyclable.

  • FSC labeled cardboard and paper packs


    All AGUAPLAST powder fillers are packed in FSC labelled sacks and boxes. Cardboard and paper employed in our packages originate from verified and certified sustainable forestry.

  • AGUAPLAST Standard Professional and Top Finish: First 100% bio-based painter fillers in Europe.


    In order to reduce the use of fossil binders and additives, Beissier is in constant research for replacement plant based materials. Without compromising expected performance and quality, AGUAPLAST Standard Professional and Top Finish have been crafted from 100% environmentally compatible and health-friendly formulations.

  • Aguaplast Universal Pro, Renovation & Super Fine: First painter’s fillers with EPD certification in Europe.


    AGUAPLAST was first in obtaining an EPD certification within the ‘Painter’s Fillers’ category. This remarkable precedent highlights Beissier steady efforts towards the environment and commitment to be at the forefront of responsible sustainability. By realising the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) quantifies and certifies a product’s impact on the environment.

  • Controlled VOC emissions: Health and Interior air quality.


    Nearly all AGUAPLAST packaging declares the product’s classification with regards to Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions in interior air, following French Labelling on Emissions, with best ratings (A+, A) in most cases.

  • Beissier sustainable drive is real and visible


    Every move forward and achievement is expressed and declared on our packaging in a clear, simple, honest and transparent way, the hallmark of Beissier’s standing towards professional Painters and Decorators.

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