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Aguaplast Universal Mix


  • Renovation: can be directly applied on non absorbent supports such as glass-fiber wall coverings, stippled or other texture acrylic plasters, satin and gloss painted walls, old coatings of oil-based paints, etc.
  • Plasterboards: joint filling / finishing and skim coating.
  • Levelling: can be applied in coats up to 5 mm to level down uneven walls and masonry supports to provide a solid and firm background for any type of paint or wall covering.


  • Superb working and application features: Light and effortless to apply, spreads smoothly. Will not sag from the tool or on the wall. Dries quickly. Easy to sand.
  • Strong bond to non-absorbent supports:no need to remove old coats of paints, glass-fiber wall coverings, acrylic plasters, etc. Good filling capacity. Renovation Mix can be applied in medium coats up to 5mm without shrinking.
  • Classification according to EN 13963: Type 3A: Air drying dual-purpose ready mixed joint compound for laminated gypsum board joints. Allows finishing plasterboards to any superficial quality level (Q1-Q2-Q3-Q4).


Aguaplast Universal Mix


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