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Great solutions in small formats

Products designed to resolve specific problems: dynamic cracks, quick repairs, damp areas, etc.


Dynamic cracks

Aguaplast Fibra; Flexible Crack Repair Filler

Aguaplast Flex Fill; Exterior Crack Sealing Compound


Quick drying

Aguaplast Express; Interior Quick Dry Filler

Aguaplast Super Repair; Quick Dry All-Round Exterior Filler

Aguaplast Rapiduro; Quick-set Fixing Cement

Aguaplast Instant; Quick Dry Ready Mixed Filler


Damp Areas

Aguaplast Beton Repair ; Waterproof Filler

Aguaplast Renova Joint; Tile Grout


Wood & Timber

Aguaplats Woodfinisher; Wood Smoothing Fine Filler

Aguaplast Woodfiller; Fibreglass Reinforced


Exterior Use

Aguaplast Exterior; Exterior Repair White Filler

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