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Great solutions in small formats

Professional painters and decorators often find themselves up against complex problems or specific requirements which cannot be resolved using conventional fillers.

Unawareness or lack of valid solutions often impedes professional decorators from being able to provide customers with a comprehensive solution.

AGUAPLAST® provides a full range of solutions for complex problems such as dynamic cracks, crack waterproofing, operations in damp areas, the treatment of wood and woodbased products, together with a line of ultra rapid drying fillers and first-rate performance to provide guarantees under the strictest of conditions.

Said range is completed with convenient formats of every day use products, with a stylish range of comfortable and modern packages, giving surface preparation its own particular place and personality at the point of sale.



Products designed to resolve specific problems: dynamic cracks, quick repairs, damp areas, etc.


Filling, smoothing and supplements

Every day use products in comfortable and convenient packages. For minor works and repairs.

And additional products which supplement the general range for fixing purposes and for covering stains.

Aguaplast Express

Examples of application of Aguaplast Express

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