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Quick dry high-performance products

Cutting edge technology putties

State-of-the-art and cutting edge technology putties, specifically designed to resolve complex situations and/or to carry out work where time is of the essence.

Aguaplast Express

Aguaplast Express

State-of-the-art cement-based powder putty.

Recommended for work demanding swift execution and completion with the utmost finish guarantees.

Aguaplast Rapid Fassade

Aguaplast Rapid Fassade

Cement based powder putty.

To level and smooth façades.

Sets and dries quickly, allowing the final surfacing or paint to be applied 12 hours after application.

Aguaplast Super Repair

Aguaplast Super Repair

Fast drying cement based powder putty.

To repair and fill any type of substrate.



Aguaplast, the cutting edge technology products